Two Women & a Republic is a correspondence between Paula Ellis and Wendy Willis. We are both dedicated to improving democracy in our professions and in our lives. We also stand with Walt Whitman when he says: “democracy is only of use there that it may pass on and come to its flower and fruit in manners, in the highest forms of interaction between people, and their beliefs.” So that’s what we are doing here—writing to each other, to democracy, and to you. Together, in conversation, we’ll explore how our Republic might come to fruit and flower in more generous and joyful ways.


Our Latest Musings

About Paula

Paula Ellis is a thinker and a doer whose curiosity has led her into an eclectic mix of roles in work and life.  An idea enthusiast, she likes to activate new notions to tackle dead ones in moribund social systems. A journalist, philanthropist, c-suite refugee and non-profit board volunteer, Ellis is a civic entrepreneur. She lives in Charleston, S.C.  with her husband and is blessed with a large, rollicking family. More…

About Wendy

Wendy Willis is a writer, mother, executive director, and general gadabout when it comes to democracy. When choosing between the fox and the hedgehog, Wendy is most definitely a fox though she loves several hedgehogs. She lives with her daughters, her husband and his son, and two rambunctious dogs in a ramshackle house in Portland, Oregon, that they refer to as The Crows Nest. More…